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Hello -

This is a picture of Abbie (aka: Sookie) that we adopted in October 2011.  Having a house dog is something I always said I would never do, but from the minute I saw her at the shelter, I knew she needed to become a part of our family!  My husband and I were spending the weekend in Park Rapids to celebrate our 10 year anniversary and stopped in to look at the shelter after being told about it from my second cousin.  We had no plans of adopting anyone, but there was just something about her adorable face that I could not forget.  After returning home, I made a phone call to the shelter to find out more about her and all of my questions were answered with exactly what I wanted to hear.  My youngest son and I made the 3 hour trip back to Park Rapids the following Friday and brought our "Abbie" home :)  She jumped right into our car and slept the entire way home.  The minute I brought her into the house, she jumped up on the couch as if she had always been here - the couch continues to be her favorite place to spend her days.

Abbie has been a great addition to our family, she is awesome with the kids and we could not imagine our lives without her!!  She will always be a great reminder of our 10 year anniversary weekend!

Thank you Headwaters Animal Shelter for the wonderful things you do for all of these animals and for bringing Abbie to us :)

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