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I adopted a dog from you in November 2006, my wife had recently passed away and my days and nights were so lonely. We were up in the Park Rapids area grouse hunting, and I stopped in to look around and that's when I spotted her. We were drawn to each other. Since that day she has been the most wonderful thing in my life (except my family and grandchildren). She is constantly by my side or on my lap (50 lb lap dog), she fills the void in my lonely times and always shows her love and affection.

I love to write to express my feelings, the following is our story and CINDY is her name..

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       Niel Nielson

I met a girl not long ago

on a cool October day.

I saw her sitting all alone

so I slowly walked her way.

I remember well that day

When I looked into her eyes.

How lonely she was feeling then

Something pulled me to her side.

Her brown eyes seemed to beckon me

so I slowly walked her way.

She watched me as I came to her

And slowly moved my way.

I knelt and looked into her eyes

And touched her gentle face.

She laid her head into my hand

Her heart began to race.

It seemed like it was meant to be

Our meeting on this day.

Fate had brought us to each other

And drew us together this way.

I met a girl not long ago

And cindy is her name.

Always close by my side

To ease the lonely pain.

The girl I met not long ago

Now a loving faithful friend.

Always close by my side

To show her love just then.

This girl I found not long ago

Was at a shelter far away.

Her past life now a memory

Because we met that day.

But its her love and devotion

That means so much to me.

And though she was a lost stray dog

We were surely meant to be.

I Met A Girl Not Long Ago  

Niel Nielson 2009