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A few years ago, I stopped by Headwaters shelter so my nephews could look at the cats. From a distance, I saw a beautiful dog barking.  When I asked the staff about her, I learned that she had just entered the shelter and was not up for adoption yet. Over the next six weeks, I would think of her often, that she must have been adopted almost immediately.    

When I returned to Park Rapids next, I stopped in to check on "my" girl.  I was shocked to learn that she was still there!  I adopted her immediately.  

Some people are nervous about adopting older dogs. Cleo was six when she entered my life. I can honestly say, She has been a nearly perfect companion.   She entered my home house-trained, obedience trained, and eager to be loved. She has gone on to become a certified therapy dog who visits hospital settings twice a week.  She loves people with all her heart and brightens many peoples' days with her love for life.  

Thank you to everyone at Headwaters for caring for my girl and saving her precious life.  I can't begin to tell you how grateful I am to have her.                           

                                                                                                            Holly Ailts