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It has been just over a month now since Ellie Mae (aka Gretta) came to live with us in her forever home. She is so much more than just a dog and we don’t think she even considers herself to be one. Ellie so quickly adapted to life with us, that we forget she hasn’t been with us forever. She loves to sit outside and be queen of her backyard. Ellie also enjoys going for walks, riding in the pickup, and snuggling with whoever happens to be on the couch. She is growing on her little sister as well, and the two of them become more like a team with each passing day. We continue to be amazed by Ellie’s humanlike personality and expressions. People say Ellie is a lucky dog, but we are truly the lucky ones to find such a perfect pooch to fill our days with laughter and love. Ellie would like to express her deep gratitude to all those who helped her on her journey to her forever home, namely the Ark Animal Hospital, Headwaters Animal Shelter, and Henry, without whom she may never have made it to safety.

The Fossen Family

Ellie Mae

Adopted: 3/16