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Just wanted to share our happiness with you all...Both Beethoven & Misty are adjusting very well to their new home...Misty fit in right away, she is such a beautiful blessing, she's friendly & loves to share her affections between the two of us. At first she was very protective of Quin & I from Beethoven, (that is when Beethoven first started coming upstairs) He preferred to hide at first & stay in the basement (its not finished but its clean & painted & has a bathroom that he felt safe in)...We gave him his space & time to get used to his surroundings although we would check on him often & talk to him whenever we saw him. Before we knew it he was coming upstairs on his own at night, while we were going about our business, he would come right into the room & spend time with us...Now they both like to spend time with us before we go to bed, its funny almost like they make sure we are tucked in & then they go about doing whatever it is cats do in the night...They are very smart & we are very happy to have them join our family, its real nice having babies again...Beethoven has already started coming upstairs in the daytime also, at first he was very flighty & scared, now he knows this is his place too...We are very patient with him & its paid off...We love them both...Misty is still a bit leary of letting him get too close but I know they are warming up to each other every day..

Here's a few photos of them in their new home..we also renamed them Misty's now Rokh  (pronounced Rewk) & Beethoven is now Indigo...To make it easier on you I will call them by their original names when ever i send news :)

Every time I take a few seconds to think about the shelter I think about Jane Besler & how much your shelter meant to her... that alone says it all...

Jane was a very special lady & it was through her memorial that we were led to Rokh & Indigo, life is beautiful & we have much to be grateful for..


Robert (Quin) & Roxy Wattenberg