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Just wanted to give you a quick update on Bronx- adopted 7/3/09.  She's doing great

We named her Independence (in honor of her adoption over the 4th of July weekend) and call her Indy for short.

She is a very fast learner!  We couldn't be happier with her progress.  The first two days at the cabin she did run off once and slipped her collar once so we're keeping her within the fence or on a chain to be safe.  Now she's doing a great job of staying within her allowed boundaries inside and learning on a chain or leash outside.  She already knows going on the road is a no-no.

She's only had one accident inside, but that was probably "mom" and "dad’s” fault for watching TV and forgetting it was time to go out.

She's doing great with people.  We have lots of neighbor kids that like to come over to play.  We thank them for helping us socialize her.  But she gets pretty wound up if there are other dogs around.  We're working on reminding her she doesn't need to run to the end of her chain and bark every time she sees an animal in the neighborhood.  We're slowly introducing her to the neighbor dogs as she gets more comfortable.

Indy's favorite things:

-Swimming in the lake, but only where she can touch.  She wasn't so sure about dog paddling just yet.  

-Chewing on her Kong!  She loves this.  

-Hiding her rawhide chew bone.  If she thinks we saw where she hid it, she will move it somewhere else.  

-Squeaking her squeaker toy.  She has the capability of tearing apart this little stuffed squeaker but she just gently carries it around in her mouth making it squeak.  

-Hunting the rabbit living in the bushes.  The bunny definitely has the upper hand.  Indy barely gets a glimpse before it darts away.

So just letting you know that Chris and I are doing great with Indy and love having her as a new addition to the family.  She's already learned a lot in the last week and we look forward to teaching her more!  She is a great dog!

                                                                                                                                                                                                Chris and Abra.