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I went to the Headwater Animal Shelter for the first time in December, 2012,

because I saw an ad in the paper that said they were having  a special on adoptions for the Christmas Holidays.

I looked at all the older cats and then my eyes drifted to the cubby holes that was holding a tuxedo cat.  I went over to were she was sleeping and picked her up and held her for awhile.  I was told that she was brought in and the vet had to cut off the tips of her ear because of frost bite. She was a little thin but I knew that could be fixed easily.  To look at her from the front the ears look normal.  From the back you can definitely see where the tips of her ears had to be cut off.  What they didn't know at the shelter is that she doesn't have a voice either.  I don't know if her vocal cords were injured because of the cold or if she never had a voice.  I was really impressed with her, taking her all the way home from the shelter (about 32 miles) and she never made a peep. LOL

It took her a couple of weeks to get use to the house (especially at night) and warming up to me.  She is the love of my life.  I feed her salmon twice a week and her coat is beautiful!!  She also found "her spot" to sleep and of course it had to be on my Stickley chair.  LOL  That's okay anywhere she wants!!

I changed her name from Wonder Women to Kitzy.  I figured she has already done all the Wonder Women stuff by surviving the bitter cold.  Now she is warm and fed and loved a lot.

Thank you Headwaters Animal Shelter.

Dolly Sine