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We adopted Leo after losing both our dogs in less then a year.  I have always had dogs but visiting with my friends they told me I should try a cat.  Because we are gone three months  a year I decided not to get a puppy until we change our life style.  I went to the Headwaters Animal Shelter for three days and the same cat came to me all three days.  So off to our house we went.  Leo is a keeper.  We have visited the vet a lot as he has had respiratory problems and parasites.  The shelter did not tell me that he came from the hoarder place in Fargo.  If I had known that I probably would not have taken Leo. The vet said she was glad I didn't know because Leo has a wonderful home.  He is not what I expected.  He is kind of like all my dogs I have had.  Meets me at the door, sits on my lap and doesn't let me out of his site.  He doesn't have a mean bone in him.  I am just as thankful for Leo as I imagine he is of us.