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Our family adopted Macy a few weeks ago thanks to Auntie Jeanne who helped us find each other.  Macy had an immediate sweet personality but we had a few days of expected adjustment.  We have a 1 ½ year old female black lab mutt (Piper) and we needed to take care to introduce them properly.  Plus, Macy likely hadn't lived in a household as chaotic and loud as ours.  We have three boys and LOTS of activity and noise.  Initially even the sound of the toaster would startle Macy.

Macy has been so kind and gentle since Day 1 around our rambunctious 4 year old.  She happily joins Jack on adventures up, down, in and out.  She sleeps in the room with our middle son, which totally delights him.  Our oldest son is a tough athletic jock of a boy accordingly I love to see how nurturing he is to animals, specifically Piper and now Macy.

We lucked out as Macy was house trained (unlike the first tough weeks with Piper).She hadn't been trained in too many other areas, however.  

Macy is very bright and has caught on so quickly.  She was trained with two quick sessions to our invisible fence that keeps her safely in our yard where we always have a posse of boys skating and playing.  She is learning to sit, stay and come on command without too much effort.  We live near a wonderful trail and I take the dogs on a walk there almost daily - good exercise for all of us!

My heart is warmed when I look out the window and see my two "girls" running, chasing and playing in the yard.  Dogs are such pack animals and they are a joy to each other (and me).  We love having two dogs and love the idea that both our girls are rescued and that we give them a safe, happy and really fun family.


The Wortman's