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On June 2, 2004, my sister, dad, and I went to Headwaters to just look at a dog.

We had seen her on Petfinder, and decided that on that Tuesday, we would go check out the

6 to 9 month old German Shepherd/Chesapeake cross. When we arrived at the shelter, we thought

she would be too scared to grow on us. She had been abused and seemed to be too scared of anybody, so we started looking at the other dogs. Every time we would go past her kennel, she would inch closer to the front. It seemed as if she wanted another second chance. My sister and I convinced my dad to get her.

On the way back home from Park Rapids, Tyne, as she had been named at the shelter, laid down on my lap and wouldn't move the entire way. She had to be lifted out of the truck, and didn't know how to walk up stairs. She walked into our glass door, so we thought she had never been in a house before. She was pretty quiet at first, and extremely shy; she only listened to my calls and followed me around everywhere. We named her Nutmeg Miken, but just shortened it to Meg because we thought it was a simple name for a simple dog.

We didn't know, however, that Meg was anything but simple. Over the years, she has become such a member of our family. She stops our cats from fighting, lays on your lap when you are lonely, and has learned so many tricks. She has warmed up to everybody in her life, and has never even tried to bite anybody. She 'adopted' our cats as her babies when they were kittens, and whines if she is separated from them, or if they are in trouble. I do not know how anybody could have abused such an amazing dog, and Meg is the reason for me going to school to become a humane law enforcement officer, someone who helps prevent the cruelty to animals.

Meg was the first adoption out of four in my family from Headwaters Animal Shelter. Whenever I am home for the weekend, I try to come by and check out the animals. The next time I get another animal, I am definitely going to adopt from this shelter, because Meg has changed my life and I'm glad that I have made such a change to her life as well.