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My family had adopted Mia as a birthday present just over 7 years ago (she's about 7 and a half now)! She has grown into a beautiful dog, the vet says she looks like a puppy still! Although she is an only pet most of the time, her friends-a golden retriever and a terrier mix, come stay some weekends. Mia gets along with everyone, and is so gentle with her favorite people, the kids!

Since the day she came home she's been learning tricks (she's loves to show them off). One of her favorite activities is chasing squirrels and chipmunks, and will do this for hours! Although she doesn't like the water, she loves going on car rides and meeting new people, especially if there's treats involved :)

Just wanted to thank everyone at the animal shelter for taking care of all the animals that come through!

~The Niska's