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Since I adopted my kitty which I named "Pocket", he has proved to be a real pistol.

Hates to be cuddled or picked up and it's taken me 3 years to really get him to accept me. He's very different from my 26 lb, 14 year old Dandy who loves to cuddle and sleep on my pillow with me.

Do I love/like Pocket? Of course, but he has always been a challenge. Great hunter of even the birds that I feed and love, but that's just a "cat" thing so I have to accept his behavior. Gives me joy with his antics.

He knows he is loved cause he always comes home at "treat time" - aka 10pm and does sleep against my legs at night, but would just rather be ignored. Very, very silent purr which is odd for one of my cats.

Here is a photo from last winter which shows his way of letting me know that he wants to come in. Yes - I have spent a lot of money on new screens for my doors!!!!

Thanks for asking,

Barb Iverson

Walker, MN