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Happy Ending!

We've had Rue, (formerly Roo), a Basenji for just over six months now.  She's been a happy, healthy dog and we have been so fortunate to have adopted her!  Shortly afterwards we began a search for a companion.  First we adopted a male Basenji but due to health problems no one was aware of, we had to return him.  Then we adopted a Siamese cat since Rue was fascinated watching the cats at the Headwater's cat room.  Unfortunately, the cat didn't like so much attention so we had to return her before someone really got hurt.  Lastly, we adopted a male beagle we named Rye.

As the weather became warmer, we began to lose our indoor companion to the outdoors since Rue enjoyed spending most of her time on the back porch soaking up the sun.  Now that Rye is around, she tends to go where he goes.  She spends her days laying outside on the lawn chair, sleeping indoors, playing with Rye and chewing on rawhides.  In the Spring she'd go for car rides all over town perched with her front legs on the front seat console and likely will be back at it when the weather cools off again.  Additionally, they love their walks!  We just have to show the harnesses and they get so excited for what's next.  Rye has taught her how to jump on people's legs, use the doggy door with the door closed, and make a little more noise then what she use to.  In return Rue has taught Rye how to be better behaved.  She is a picky eater, but enjoys frozen pea pods and watermelon as a treat once in a while.

She use to have a 40 foot zip-line with a 20 foot rope attached to it for mobility in the back yard.  Now she has a secured private fenced yard to run free in and when we are not around, a 10X20 outdoor/5X10 indoor kennel.  We use to share the bed with her, but with Rye, too much space was taken up.  They now have their own "doggy bunk bed" to sleep in at night.

I've been waiting to send an update on Rue until we felt we found our "happy ending" which we have after the adoption of Rye.  We hope to have Rue, and Rye, for many years to come!

Kent & Jenni Hamilton