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I adopted Goldie and Skittles first.  Then when I went back to volunteer at Headwaters and they asked if I would take Weebles.  Weebles had a few war wounds from being at the shelter, because only having three legs she was not able to defend herself. After a day of thinking about it, I took Weebles home too. Then one day I was volunteering again, and this time I was with my sister and mother who came along to “supervise” me so I would not take any more cats home.  Well..........Mattie seemed depressed, so I clipped her claws, and gave her some love.  I could not get out of my head, so two days later, “unsupervised” I went back and picked up Mattie.  Samantha was added when there was a Christmas special.  Who could pass up such a great deal!?!?  As you can see they seem to be very “comfortable” on their blankets and their leather couch!

Denise McCarty   

Skittles, Weebles & Samantha