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I know you will remember me, I am the handsome Doberman (Titan) I finally found my real home on 2/26/2010 and I live like a king. My parents drove 4hrs to get me after hearing my story and have not stopped loving me since. They softened my name to Tiny Titan. I wasn't quite sure what to do when I got to their home, my friend their son who is 23 let me stay in his room a few nights until I got use to my big bed and all of my surroundings, so that was great. I like to sleep on my back though and take up quite a bit of room and I love to snuggle in close so he didn't get much sleep but he let me stay in his room till I was comfortable to sleep out on my own.  I was very quiet and submissive when I was at your shelter, in a very short time I found my voice and have become very protective of my home and family. I live on acreage and am a lightning fast runner. I go for runs several times a day, being a doberboy I have tons of energy so you can't beat having parents that know my breed. I have many chew toys from all types of squeakers (which are my favorite at 5:30 am) to tug ropes, soccer balls and many many tennis balls. I love to chew and my toys are replaced as soon as I destroy them. I have learned to stay out of moms closest; I thought it would be fun to take a pair of her high heel leather shoes when she left me alone for the first time along with a pair of slippers. Mom did not agree - she let me keep the slippers. I tried a pair of Dad's dress shoes too when they both left for the first time together and we have since agreed I won't be taking their stuff anymore. I have the run of the home and we are going to keep it that way. I am an excellent hunter, nothing gets by this nose, and I have helped my Dad catch two moles by locating them under ground and digging them out. The rest is up to Dad. I can get a scent of a deer before they get on the property and when they do, the chase is on. I have this great collar and all mom or dad does is give it a beep when I am out of range of their voice and I am right back.  I have so much to do, we have an in ground pool that I jumped into after one of the nieces, I thought she needed my help but then I realized I have never been swimming, dad swam over and helped me out. I tried to go in a couple of more times, this time in the shallow end but swimming is not really for me. I just hang around the pool and enjoy all the attention when we have pool parties.  I can't Thank you enough for getting my story out to so many police officers; if it hadn't been for that my parents would be very lonely. They had just lost their Doberman (Pal) to cancer a week prior and were extremely sad. When my story went out to some canine officers and as soon as they heard about me, they wanted to come and meet me. God works in mysterious ways, saving a life, warming hearts, the work you all do at the shelter, we have him to thank for it all working out in the end.  

Thank you,

TinyTitan, Dave & Rita