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Zimminee: Adopted 6/17

foster to adopt is brilliant, it allowed us to have no fear trying to see which cat would fit our current household best.   We wanted a nice, chill cat to show our cat that life isn't that scary. Zimminee fit the bill!  She's sweet, and super chill, so we brought her home and attempted the slow introduction from behind closed doors.   After one day, she was not having it, she wanted to see the world and ran out of the bedroom to face Ramesses head on.   He got big, he hissed, he tried to look as ferocious as possible. Zimminee calmly walked right up to him and booped him on the nose with her paw which stopped his hiss right in his tracks. He had no idea how to handle it, and retreated to a hiding spot. Within 6 hours he was back out and curious, instead of hissing he popped his tail into a big floofy display. Zimminee walked right up to him and licked his face. It took a total of only 4 days, and she won his heart completely, and we've seen a great transformation in Ramesses due to Zimminee. He became more social almost immediately. When people come over and he runs to hide, he sees Zimminee out in the open, greeting everyone and getting attention, and he comes out.   She has made him a better cat, because she is an amazing cat with tons of character, and an incredibly sweet disposition.  They play together, sleep together, and seem to have a great bond after a short amount of time, and she's won our hearts over as well! I've included a few photos, one of Ramesses and Zimminee laying together, and then a beauty shot of Zimminee,  Thank you for having such wonderful cats in your shelter!

We saw Zimminee on your website, with her mouth open showing so much character, we knew we had to meet her.   We did a fundraiser for your animal shelter recently and we brought our cat Ramesses in to see how he reacts to other cats.   We adopted him October 2016 and being a black cat that was skittish and anti-social we were told his adoption chances were low, so we took him home to give him all the love we could.   Living as an only cat was seemingly making him worse, food wasn't even motivating him to be social, and everything in life scared him. Your program to